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Mobile Sales Management

Using and combining some of the modules in OnlineOnly, we are able to provide a sophisticated Mobile Sales Solution which is ideal for use in situations where there are only cellular networks available for data connectivity in remote areas or where typical telecommunications fixed line solutions are not necessarily available. The solution however also works very effectively in any formal environment as well as where connectivity via Wifi is also available.

The high level Mobile Sales Solution process looks as follows:

The standard Mobile Sales Solution consists out of the following modules within OnlineOnly:

  • Company Manager – This contains the basic company information and some of the financial parameters that need to be set in order for the system to run. This will typically be the company information, the VAT percentage, currency and time-offset. All of this is used in the generation of the Tax invoices used in the sales process.
  • User Management & Permissions Manager – These modules allow the setting up of system users, depot/shop users etc with their associated permissions in terms of which modules they may access in the system and what roles they may play on the defined sites (being the depots/shops, warehouses, etc.)
  • Site Management – This module allows the definition of sites. Sites in OnlineOnly can be Warehouses, Depots, Shops or other types of physical locations where stock may be kept for some reason. These sites are used for monitoring where stock is kept and the levels there-of.
  • Inventory Management – This module allows for the definition of stock items, the take-on of stock into the various sites, the definition of the stock cost and selling prices and the transfer of stock between sites.
  • Sales Management – This module allows sales pricing to be set, monitoring of sales created from mobile terminals or from the OnlineOnly back-end on the internet, the modification of sales batches to correct capturing errors and the printing of formal sales Tax Invoices if required in A4 format.
  • Order Management – Where the mobile device can be used to capture orders from the remote depots/stores for stock required at the depot/store. This can also be used for placement of orders with external suppliers.
  • Delivery Control – this module is integrated into the Inventory Management and allows a transfer or take-on to be confirmed via delivery control on the mobile devices. If this is set for a take-on or transfer, then the end destination needs to, via a mobile device, confirm delivery receipt of the specified take-on or transfer.
  • Reporting Manager – the reporting manager contains a set of basic reports for each of the modules in the OnlineOnly system. There are also extensive reports around the stock management in order to track levels and transfers, and also around sales made per site.

The Mobile Sales Solution uses the Mobi2 mobile device for sales and delivery management at the depot/store level. This is a GSM device (a cell phone) with an integrated thermal printer. We provide a customized Java application on the Mobi2 that is customized per customer using their logos and branding. The Java application contains a:

  • Sales module where sales are logged and Tax invoices are generated.
  • Delivery control where deliveries are received, checked and accepted.
  • Order management where orders are placed internally for additional stock to be delivered to the site.
  • Stock Management where stock takes are managed and submitted via the Mobi2.