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Electronic Voucher Vending

Using and combining some of the modules in OnlineOnly, we are able to provide a sophisticated Electronic Voucher Vending (EVV/EVD - Electronic Voucher Distribution) Solution.

The OnlineOnly Electronic Voucher Vending solution architecture is based on the following:

The standard Electronic Voucher Vending Solution consists out of the following modules within OnlineOnly:

  • Company Manager – This contains the basic company information and some of the financial parameters that need to be set in order for the system to run. This will typically be the company information, the VAT percentage, currency and time-offset.
  • User Management & Permissions Manager – These modules allow the setting up of system users, vending users etc with their associated permissions in terms of which modules they may access in the system and what roles they may play on the defined system areas.
  • Voucher Management – This module allows the definition of voucher types, the management of voucher type margins and the loading of stock. The definition of voucher types includes, PIN based vouchers, 3rd party Products or interactive products.
  • Group Management – This module allows for the definition of device groupings, the products these group may sell and the margin allocation for each grouping level. The number of group levels are unlimited. Groups can have their own stock, or share parent group stock.
  • Device Management – This module allows the setup of vending users/devices and messaging to the vending users/devices. Each vending user/device has their own wallet which may be used for sales or repayments.
  • Account Management – This module allows the setup of pre-defined debits and/or credits which can be debited or credited against a vending user/device wallet at pre-defined frequencies - typically used for repayments, insurance, automatic top-ups etc. This module also allows real-time vending user/device and group transaction management.
  • Reporting Manager – The reporting manager contains a set of reports for monitoring deposits, transactions, sales, etc. There are also extensive reports around stock management and 3rd party product reconciliation.

The OnlineOnly Electronic Voucher Vending Solution works on a prepaid wallet basis where a vending user/device sells off a wallet balance. The process is illustrated as follows:

3rd Party Systems can interface to the OnlineOnly Electronic Voucher Vending Solution through API's:

  • A XML-RPC API interface
  • An IP API interface

The OnlineOnly Electronic Voucher Vending Solution already has integration interfaces for:

  • South African Electricity (and reconciliation)
  • South African Vodacom Direct Recharge (airtime and data)
  • South African Cell-C, MTN, Telkom Mobile Direct Recharge
  • South African SMS services
  • Various 3rd party product providers across Africa
  • Voucher Import for all major South African Airtime/Data Suppliers
  • Voucher Import for various African country Voucher Suppliers
  • Automated statement interface for ABSA and FNB in South Africa
  • Automated statement interface for various Banks across Africa

The Electronic Voucher Vending Solution can be and is used by web shops, POS systems, Creon Devices (with ContentSwitch vending application on) and the preferred Mobi2 mobile device. The Mobi2 is a GSM device (a cell phone) with an integrated thermal printer. We provide a customized Java application on the Mobi2 that is customized per customer using their logos and branding. The Java application contains:

  • A Sales module where vending takes place and the receipts are printed.
  • A Reporting Module for shift and sales reporting.
  • An Administration Module for operator management and administration functions.