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Building Manager

The Building Manager provides a turnkey solution for managing the construction process of low cost houses. As with all OnlineOnly services, the solution is web-based which means you have no need to install, maintain, update or back-up software on each of your PC's - leave that to us! It also allows you to access all information and run your business from wherever you are - even while on the road.

All aspects of the project are covered including:

  • Site Manager - manage each building site, with an unlimited number houses on each site.
  • Contractor Manager - store contractor details and generate contracts for each contractor on-the-fly.
  • Ticket Manager - the heart of the system manages the entire building process. Each ticket for each house can be linked to a contractor, materials are then allocated and progress can be seen at a glance.
  • Inventory Manager - This module is seamlessly integrated and allows you to manage your inventory across multiple warehouses, and allocate materials to each ticket and contractor. Low stock notifications are also configurable, and as always, you can generate real-time reports on inventory movements, and levels.
  • Order Manager - This module give you everything you need to order additional inventory from the suppliers of your choice. Set-up and manage your suppliers, and then using configurable item ordering codes, process the orders you need. These orders can then be emailed or faxed and as always, a full audit trail is maintained. Full reporting is also available.
  • Report Manager - reports of the progress of every house, every site and every contractor are available in real time. These reports provide all the information necessary to comply with the government reporting requirements.

Access to the system is provided via username and password and each user is assigned specific rights to limit what they can see or do on the system. Various authorisation steps are also included and the system has a full audit trail. So if you are drowning in paperwork and reporting tasks, let us show you how simple this really can be.